3 techniques to delay ejaculation in pairs

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Only one third of women experience orgasm through intercourse, according to the Society of Gynecologists of Canada. For Alfred Kinsey, this may be due to the fact that 75% of the men who were part of their survey indicated that they ejaculate in the first two minutes of penetration in more than half of the sexual encounters. However, can ejaculation be delayed?

Delaying ejaculation should not be taken as a criticism of male performance, it is simply a different way of experiencing and living the sexual encounter so that both partners reach the climax.

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Delays his ejaculation as a couple and with pleasure

If you do not know how to help your partner to delay your ejaculation, EdenFantasys.com and the Sexologist and Psychotherapist of the "Open Cabinet", LГ­a Soriano, present you the following video with three simple techniques to achieve this goal. :

For the experts, Kim Wallen and Elisabeth Lloyd, who published a study in the Journal of Hormones and Behavior, which was entitled Female Sexual Arousal: Genital Anatomy and Orgasm in Intercourse, indicate that there is a remarkable difference between the ability of men and women to have an orgasm: that of women develops more slowly over time and is less predictable.

While a man goes from puberty to adulthood, his chances of ejaculating (and therefore, presumably to reach climax) increases from 5% to 100% in just 5 years.

This increase seems to be much more gradual in women: According to Kinsey, the probability of a woman experiencing an orgasm increases slowly over 25 years, but not even close to 90%.

Remember, everything in sexuality is allowed as long as there is respect and trust. Nothing is bad, free yourself from prejudices and enjoy.

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